Smoke Damage

Damage caused by smoke is far more complicated than it might seem. Even though it may look like a dusty, ashy covering on the walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces, smoke is actually a complex carbon byproduct whose make up is determined by what substances were actually burning.

Cleaning up Smoke Damage is Complicated

Cleaning up the smoke damage after a fire is a far more complicated process than just using hot water and soap while opening windows and turning on fans, and that is why it is best left to the professional at All Flood Services.

The experience most people have with cleaning smoke comes from camping trips, fires in the fire place or an outdoor fire pit. All of these fires share the same fuel – wood – and untreated wood results in what is known as a simple fire. In a simple fire, combustion is complete and the resulting ash and smoke is a simple compound, easy to clean. Most people incorrectly assume this will be the same case in the event of a house fire, whether it is small flare up in the kitchen or a larger, more damaging fire elsewhere in the house.

Fires are Complex

These fires burn complex fuels, powered by the synthetic materials in carpets, furniture, toys and home electronics. The tell-tale sign that these fires are complex is the acrid smoke they give off. If you have smelled an electrical fire versus a wood fire, you are familiar with how different it is. That odor is pervasive, and results oftentimes in headaches, nausea and other health concerns. Since many household synthetic objects have a higher combustion point than wood, and the fire does not burn hot enough, it generally results in incomplete combustion. This produces soot and ashes of various chemical compounds, which can bond to the surfaces it lands on, including your lungs.

We Know the Complexity of Cleaning Smoke

All Flood Services knows that cleaning smoke means more than just being sure it is eliminated from the air. It means entering the environment in protective gear and stripping all residue of it from the surfaces. We will analyze the compounds of the smoke and ash and use specially designed non-toxic cleaning agents to work specifically on the damage at hand. We will restore the affected areas to the condition they were in before the damage, and we will not leave until we have run tests that show the area is completely safe for you and your family to re-enter.

Improperly Cleaned Smoke Damage Can Linger for Years

Improperly cleaned smoke damage can linger for years, affecting the health of people long after the fire has been forgotten about. There is no such thing as a small fire when it comes to cleaning up afterwards, so do not take any chances by trying to do it yourself.

Trust the professionals at All Flood Services to do the job right the first time.