Rapid Structural Drying

Water damage can happen at any time without warning.

Damage from a storm, a water pipe that burst or a clogged drain that goes unnoticed can all lead to substantial and costly damage. An unexpected flood can severely impact your home life and put your business out of commission.

You need our Rapid Structural Drying to take care of the problem and get you moving forward as quickly as possible.

The Old Way to Deal with Floods

When floods happened before, the process of repairing the damage was expensive and time consuming. It typically involved throwing away all affected rugs, carpets and furniture, stripping walls down to the framework and searching for hidden spots of water collection and damage. Not only was this primitive practice invasive, it rarely offered any guarantee of preventing future mold growth and subsequent damage in the affected areas.

The New and Better Way to Deal with Floods

Rapid Structural Drying changes all that by utilizing the latest technology, science and tools. It is a proactive process that does not only remove the water but also restores the damaged areas as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

    Parts of the process include:
  • Special tools designed to remove the most water
  • Forced air and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the air
  • Creating ideal environmental conditions to assist in the evaporation and dehumidifying

Save Time and Money

As a process that typically takes no more than three or four days, Rapid Structural Drying is designed to save both time and money by minimizing the amount of money required to replace damaged assets and rehabilitating the facility. However, there are additional benefits that it offers as well.

Properly done, it creates a healthy environment.

An incomplete job of removing standing water and completely drying the environment results in mold growth. This negatively affects the air quality and can lead to additional health problems. Rapid Structural Drying also focuses on the complete building. Many times, people are unaware that water damage can seep up drywall and sheet rock and only worry about the carpet or flooring.

The Science of Drying

Most people are unfamiliar with psychometrics – the science of drying. Yet it is the advances discovered by professionals in this field that are responsible for making Rapid Structural Drying so effective. The results are standards that are accepted by the industry. There are charts and documentation that confirm the effectiveness of the procedure and the ability to provide thorough services while using as few artificial chemicals as possible.

Just as water damage can be unexpected, it can also be insidious with how hidden it can be with its destruction. The first minute you are aware of the damage, reach out to the professionals at All Flood Services. We will immediately set up a consultation, assess your situation and begin the Rapid Structural Drying process to get you back on your feet.

In order to prevent future problems tomorrow, it is imperative that you call All Flood Services today.