Fire Restoration

Nobody is prepared for the effects a fire will have on their home or business. It does not matter how large or small the fire might be; cleaning up afterwards is unlike anything else a typical person is trained to deal with.

That is why once the fire is out and everyone is safe, the first call you should make is to us.

A Team Will Be Dispatched Immediately

We will immediately dispatch a team to your location where they will perform a thorough inspection of the damaged area as well as determining what materials burned. Many residential and commercial fires are not the simple fires of burning word, but involve synthetics, electronics and other materials that may give off acrid smoke and leave behind contaminated soot.

Trying to clean these areas by conventional methods may only result in further damaging the walls, floors and ceilings and expose you to harmful chemicals.

Our professionals have the safety equipment and materials they need to restore the damaged area properly and safely.

    A fire results in several forms of damage:
  • heat,
  • smoke,
  • ash,
  • and even water.

Cleaning up after any one of these is a challenge; dealing with all of them is something best left to the experts at All Flood Services

All Flood Services: Fire Restoration

Nothing can be more damaging emotionally as well as physically as a fire.

The loss of possessions and the overwhelming process of rebuilding can make it a very stressful time. It certainly is not something that you should face alone. At All Flood Services, we are experienced at fire restoration and we can help you start to put your life back together as quickly as possible.

What is Fire Restoration?

It is important to know exactly what fire restoration is. After the fire is extinguished and before repair work can begin, the damaging effects of the fire – and the battle waged to put it out – need to be remedied. That is where we come in. Obviously, the first thing you need to do in case of a fire is to contact the authorities immediately. Once they have arrived and started to fight the fire and once you and your family are safe, reach out to us and we can begin working with you right away.

What You Can Do

There are many things that you can do to help us, and there are just as many things that you should not do for your own safety. Once you have been given the all clear by the authorities that it is safe:

1. Do open as many windows as possible, to help generate fresh air flow, but do not try wiping down any walls, floors or other surfaces.

2. Do remove all the food from your freezer and refrigerator, and prop the doors open, but do not eat anything or any other food. Having been exposed to the extreme heat of the fire can have dire consequences on the food.

3. Do make an inventory of everything in your home, including pictures with them, so you can document what needs to be replaced. Your homeowners insurance will need this information to be able to reimburse you. However do not move any furniture, appliances or other electrical equipment, and do not turn on any heating or air conditioning systems.

A Majority of the Damage….

As damaging and dangerous as fire can be, the majority of the damage that occurs from a house fire is from the water used to fight the fire and the heat and smoke generated by the fire.

All Flood Services is the professional outfit you need to clean up the smoke and ash residue and also employ our water removal and rapid structural drying service to get your home ready for the next step of remodeling.

Nobody wants to face the prospect of starting over after a fire alone. With All Flood Services, you won’t have to.