They say that nature abhors a vacuum. As one of the most natural elements, water will flow wherever there is an opening. This includes seeping into any porous material it comes in contact with.

Only Half the Battle

Removing water from where it should not be is only half the battle when it comes to water damage. Left behind may be hundreds of gallons of water soaked into wood, carpet, drywall and other structural materials.

At All Flood Services, we do not leave until all the water is gone.

We Use the Latest Technology

Our staff utilizes the latest technology to detect where water may be hiding. We use a variety of hydrometers to discover the places it has soaked into so we can best determine how to dry those areas.

By studying psychrometrics – the science of drying – we have developed the latest techniques to efficiently remove all the water and moisture with as little intrusion as possible. The days of having to break down walls and rip up carpets in order to complete the job are in the past. Today our rapid structural drying as part of our water damage restoration services allows businesses and homes to be treated quickly and thoroughly.

If improperly handled, water damage can continue to affect a structure long after it has been taken care of.

All Flood Services offers the latest drying techniques to protect your investment for a lifetime.

All Flood Services: Dry Out Service

Once the water has been removed and the area secured, the next step of the process is minimizing the damage and rehabilitating the affected areas as quickly as possible.

Scientifically Proven Techniques

All Flood Services employs scientifically proven techniques to provide dry out services that will allow their customers the chance to get their life back in order with as little hassle as possible and at a fair cost.

    Water naturally flows through any porous surface, which means that any
  • furniture,
  • bedding,
  • clothing,
  • carpeting
  • and drapery

that has gotten even a little wet will have sustained damage.

In the past, the only effective way of properly treating these items was to discard them.

Techniques simply did not exist to completely dry them out, which would result in continual damage from the moisture as well as fostering the growth of mold.

Wood is Porous Too

Wood is just as porous, which means that’s even though you may not see it, the water may have seeped into the walls and framework. If left untreated over time, this water would weaken the integrity and result in unsafe living and working conditions. Once again, previously the only solution was to strip away and remove all possibly affected structural work and replace, which is a time consuming and expensive process.

We Have Rewritten the Rules

All Flood Services has completely rewritten the rules when it comes to providing dry out services. We use special tools that are designed to draw water out from internal surfaces, removing moisture from such items as diverse as drywall and carpet padding.

They also create the proper atmospheric conditions, utilizing heaters, forced air machines and dehumidifiers, which primarily focus on pushing the moist air from the room and secondarily removing the remaining moisture from the environment.

The Science of Drying

Psychometrics is the science of drying, and it is thanks to the advances made in this study that All Flood Services has been able to put together a package of dry out services that can address every need of their customers.

Industry Standard Technology

We rely on technologies that include industry standards on the amount of equipment required, humidity charts and moisture mapping that point out where the greatest damage is and show when the job has been finished and eliminating the need for the use of harsh chemical cleaners in certain situations. These technologies allow us to present our customers assurances concerning the thoroughness of the job.

The Biggest Challenge

The most challenging aspect of flood and water damage is not getting rid of the water. It is rebuilding once the water has receded.

All Flood Services offers the dry out services that make this aspect as stress-free as possible for their clients and let them get back moving forward together.