Total Reconstruction

Our staff at All Flood Services will do everything they can after your home or business suffers from water, smoke or fire damage to get you back in your location as quickly as possible with as little disruption as we can manage. Sometimes, the best way for that to happen is to have total access to the space so we can work efficiently. When the need calls for a total reconstruction, we have the services to make this happen.

Our Assessment Can Begin Immediately

The minute the situation is secure, contact us and one of our professionals will begin an assessment. Even before we arrive on the scene, we can begin formulating a plan if we know the size of the home or business, along with the type of business, the amount of damage and what the damage was caused by.

We Will Assist with a Pack Out

Our team of professionals will assist you in a content pack out. This process documents everything that is being moved with multiple check lists, and packs the equipment and other possessions in such a way that when we get you to your temporary location, we can unpack you quickly and set you right up immediately.

This pack out is for everything that was not damaged in the event and can be safely moved, and includes all electronics, any retail inventory, artwork, area rugs, office supplies, books, documents, electronic media and even clothing.

Items Will Be Safely Secured

Any items that your company does not need at their temporary business location will be safely secured at our own offsite climate controlled environment. While in storage and the affected area is vacated, we will move in with our staff to perform a full array of restoration services.

While some of these services, including ozone treatment, deodorization and ultrasonic cleaning will take place on site, items that can be transported will be taken back to our facility where they can be attended to. This includes laundry, commercial rug cleaning and art restoration. The reason we offer this separation is so that much work can get done in as short a period as possible.

Once Restoration is Complete

Once all the restoration work has been complete and you are ready to move back in, our content pack out specialists will return with all of your documented possessions. They will replace everything to exactly where it had been before the damage came, and they will have a check list that can be cross checked to make sure nothing is missing.

Although the time and scope of each job varies due to the size of the facility and the severity of the damage, it is the goal of every employee at All Flood Services to work as diligently as possible to get you back in your home or business location and back to work.

Our reputation is built on our ability to deliver, and we look to exceed each customer’s expectations.