Board Up and Tarp Over Services

As impervious as we would like to believe our homes and businesses are, events happen from time to time that can cause damage. High winds and damaging storms can rip open roofs and vandals can get a thrill out of breaking windows. These unexpected problems sometimes cannot be addressed right away to fix permanently, so a secure temporary solution is needed.

This is where All Flood Services board up and tarp over services are crucial to your needs.

Board Up Service

Board up services are used to temporarily block windows that have been cracked or broken. They provide an immediate barrier against the elements and allow you to continue living and working in the space while plans are made to permanently replace the window.

Tarp Over Service

Tarp over services are used to cover roofs and awnings that have suffered damage and have not had a chance to be inspected yet. Roof damage can be hidden under eaves or beneath shingles, so if there is going to be a delay before an inspection can happen and roofers can begin to repair the damage, a tarp over service will protect your structure from additional damage due to weather.

Total or Partial Service Available

All Flood Services offers both a partial and a total level of both of these services.

If there is only a need for partial service – a few damaged windows need to be replaced, or the roof needs to be protected while remodeling work is done – we can review the situation with the home or business owner and provide a comprehensive plan to fit the need.

In the event that a total service is needed because of damage sustained in a fire or other natural disaster where the building can be restored without having to be razed, our team will work quickly to completely seal the building, reducing the possibility of any further damage and securing the building until the renovation work is ready to begin.

Foreclosure Situations

We also work with banks and homeowners when dealing with foreclosure situations. A building left unattended for too long can attract vandals and vagrants, further reducing the value of the property. Our services help to protect as much of the value as possible by preventing easy access and reducing the attractiveness of vandalizing the property.

Nobody wants to have to face a situation where board up and tarp over services are necessary, so it is comforting to know that there is a professional respected company that can help you address these needs as quickly as possible.

As soon as you and your family are safe and secure, call us at All Flood Services and we will send a representative over immediately to assess the situation.