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  • Eight Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

    Eight Common Carpet-Cleaning Mistakes

    AllFloodServices, LLC recommends that the following cleaning mistakes are avoided when caring for carpet in your home or business.

    In order to avoid carpet damage and extend the life of your carpet, an All Flood Services, LLC technician will educate you on these eight common carpet cleaning mistakes:

    1. Vigorously scrubbing a carpet stain.

    2. Not acting fast enough.

    3. Using the wrong cleaning product.

    4. Not testing a new cleaning solution.

    5. Using a deodorizing powder incorrectly.

    6. Using too much chemical to clean.

    7. Never having your carpet professionally cleaned.

    8. Renting faulty carpet cleaning equipment.

    All Flood Services carpet-cleaning technicians are certified in the latest industry standards for carpet cleaning. Call us today for the best carpet cleaning service in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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