Mold Testing

Testing for mold is more than just smelling musty air, seeing a discolored spot on the wall or floor, discovering that the surface is unexpectedly moist and deciding that it must be mold.

100s of Different Kinds of Mold

There are hundreds of different kinds of mold, and many of them require different methods of cleaning and removal.

To make sure that your mold removal is done properly and removes the risk of future infestations, it is important to have the professionals at All Flood Services perform a thorough mold testing on your home or place of business.

Humidity and Mold

The moisture that mold requires to start growing does not necessarily have to be on a surface. If the air has a humidity level of 65% or more, mold spores can begin to grow.

One of the tools we employ are state of the art psychrometers to determine the relative humidity of the affected area. If the readings are above that threshold, part of the process that we will include in your comprehensive plan is one that helps create a dryer atmosphere, prohibiting future mold growth.

Thermal imaging cameras are another tool in our arsenal. Many times, a mold infestation will be hidden away behind sheetrock or inside the framework of the building. By only cleaning the visible mold it means it is just a matter of time before the mold returns. Our camera imaging allows us to provide complete mold testing service without unnecessarily causing damage to the structure.

Testing Not Limited

The testing that we do is not limited to the affected areas in your building. We will collect samples of the mold that we find and run forensic tests on them back in our laboratories. This will allow us to determine the types of mold that have caused the infestation and the best ways to treat them and prevent their return.

We Provide Proof

Finally, to make sure that our process of treating your water damage and mold infestation is complete, we perform one last test to show you we passed completely. Utilizing some of the same tests that are part of our Rapid Structural Drying, we will present charts and moisture mapping that will demonstrate that the moisture areas responsible for breeding the mold in the first place have been eliminated.

All Flood Services offers our award-winning mold testing services as part of our initial mold assessment. If you think that there is a mold infestation in your property, we encourage you to call us without delay.

The longer you wait to have us tackle your problem, the more serious the issue becomes and the harder and more disruptive the removal process becomes.

Don’t let the mold get any farther. Instead, let us get the mold tested and removed for you.