Crawl Space Mold Remediation

One of the worst places to have a mold infestation is also unfortunately one of the most common places as well.

People rarely pay attention to their crawl space until it starts to present a problem, and yet it is the perfect location for mold to grow. Typically unfinished, it allows water to seep in from the ground. Often times, much of a home’s plumbing is run through the crawl space and a joint that develops a slow leak may go unnoticed for months.

Even a Small Amount of Water Can Cause Damage

Even if there is only a little water or moisture present, the trapped space can warm up quickly in the summertime and, without any ventilation, the humidity level can cross the threshold required for mold to start growing.

    That same lack of ventilation is the number one reason why you should not try to clean and remove mold on your own if you suspect that there is a mold infestation. Mold is responsible for many health issues, including
  • breathing trouble,
  • nausea,
  • dizziness,
  • and headaches.

These effects will be compounded by the tightly enclosed space. Entering this space without proper air filters is a dangerous activity, and is best left to the professionals at All Flood Services.

We Have the Experience

Our technicians have years of experience working in the extreme environments that crawl spaces create for mold growth. They have the proper tools to secure the area, prevent the spores from contaminating other areas of your home, remove the spores from the air and decrease the humidity to remove the excess moisture from the enclosed space.

Protect the Structural Integrity

Just as important as cleaning the mold and removing the humidity is working to protect the structural integrity of the house. Moisture and mold can work its way into the porous wood that serves as the foundation of the house. If left improperly treated, these conditions will work to eventually render the wood unstable and could lead to a significant building failure.

Because these crawl spaces are compact, tightly enclosed and rarely inspected, they provide the proper environment for a mold infestation to grow quickly. Once established, it can work its way through the floors and walls and begin to grow throughout the house.

If You Have the Signs

If there have been any signs of a mold infestation in your house, such as a musty smell or inexplicable health issues, do not hesitate to call All Flood Services and be sure to tell our response team if your house has a crawl space.

We will provide a full assessment of your mold situation and provide a plan to remove the mold and restore your house.