Upholstery Cleaning

We settle in to watch the game and our drink sloshes over our cup. Our dog jumps up to greet us and nobody made sure his paws were wiped off. Our infant child decides they’ve had enough to eat and spits some of it back up. We race to clean these spills up as quickly as we can, but over time, our furniture shows the effects of all these little accidents.

Even without life’s tribulations, we find it hard to keep our curtains, drapes and furniture as clean as we’d like to. Vacuum cleaners may have attachments for cleaning these accessories, but the job is never as thorough as what the professional upholstery and fabric cleaning services from All Flood Services can provide.

False Sense of Security

Part of what makes us think less about cleaning these items on a regular basis are the claims that the manufacturers make in regard to how stain-resistant the materials are. Most of us no longer use natural fibers for our furniture and curtains, and we are lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to cleaning them. We think we can let it go for a while, we forget just how long that while has been, until one day we have guests coming over and we see the mess for what it is.

Preserve Your Fabric

If you want to preserve the fabric's color, appearance, and texture, it is important that upholstery fabric cleaning should be attended to on a regular basis. In addition to routine vacuuming on a monthly basis and immediate attention to spills, periodic cleaning by a professional every two to three years will extend the life of your furniture far beyond what may be expected.

It will also help maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment by removing allergens that may have settled into the fabrics.

Different Furniture Requires Different Cleaning

Different furniture comes with different cleaning codes, and if these codes are not followed, serious damage could occur to the upholstery. Most people these days do not buy their furniture in sets but rather by the piece as they need it. This can lead to there being several different styles of fabric in the same house, complicating the issue for a person trying to clean it on their own and resulting in exaggerated costs.

Our Complete Assessment

The staff at All Flood Services will come to your house with all of the tools and supplies they need. They will do an assessment of all fabrics, furniture, drapes and upholstery that you wish to have cleaned, and then go about doing the job quickly and efficiently. Once we have restored your possessions to their original state, we will go over with you the different fabrics in question and how best to perform regular cleaning as well as what to do for any spills or emergencies.