Tile Cleaning and Repair

Many people today are decorating their homes and businesses with tile flooring. They appreciate the many styles, designs and materials they can choose from, it is easier to clean and longer lasting than carpeting, and is efficient when it comes to both heating and air conditioning.

To make it last as long as possible while still retaining its “like new” appearance, it helps to have a professional team like All Flood Services on your side.

We Can Extract Even the Toughest Grime

We offer services that complement the regular mopping and vacuuming that happens with annual deep tile cleaning. Even the strongest tile, over time, develops cracks and dents where dirt and allergens can get trapped. Our cleaning services can extract even the toughest grime, keeping your tile floors looking great while also helping to create a healthier environment.

We Have Special Cleaning Tools

We also have special cleaning tools that get between the tiles into the grout, areas that traditional mops cannot effectively reach as well as protective sealants to make your floors more impervious to moisture.

Our tile and grout cleaning services have been developed over many years of experience and use the latest advances in both equipment and cleaning materials. Keeping your tile floors healthy and beautiful is a job that requires professional attention from time to time.

All Flood Services: Tile Repair

Thanks to the internet, more people than ever are engaging in do-it-yourself projects around the house. In some cases, these are big projects to increase the beauty and value of the house, but the majority of these projects are simple repairs jobs. People look up online for a video how to do it, go to a big box home repair store to buy the tools and supplies, and set about doing it themselves.

They might be saving themselves some money in the short run, but if it is done improperly, it could end up costing them so much more.

Tile Repair Can Result in More Damage

Tile repair is one such project that seems easy but if not done properly, can result in more damage than just some chipped tile or missing caulk. Most places that require tile – kitchen backsplashes, tiled showers and pool decks, for instance – are places that typically are surrounded by water. If the tile is replaced without the work surface being properly dried, an environment will be created that is perfect for creating a mold infestation.

Trusting your tile repair work to a professional company like All Flood Services is the smart way to protect your investment.

Mortar and Grout is Porous

The mortar and grout that is used as a base for the tile are both porous material. That means that, over time, any moisture that gets under the tiles will start to work its way into it. Drying off the surface before installing the new tiles will dry off just that: the surface. Trapping the moisture that has soaked in under the new tiles will seal it in there permanently. If any mold spores are trapped in there as well, it is likely that within a number of weeks, there will be a mold infestation festering in there.

A Leading Environmental Concern

Mold is a leading environmental concern for home owners.

That is why having the professionals at All Flood Services perform the tile repair work is important. Before we set the new tile, we will use the proper tools and equipment to make sure any residual moisture is removed. We will dry deep into the porous materials and use air filters to trap any mold spores that may be in the air, preventing them from settling in. Once completed, our tile work will protect against future moisture working its way inside.

Despite the imposing sound of our name, All Flood Services is dedicated to assisting customers on all sorts of needs around their home, no matter how large or small. If you are facing the need for a tile repair job, do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can help you get the job done right.