Tile, Grout and Hard Surface Cleaning

Many people these days are opting to replace their wall to wall carpeting with hard surface flooring. Popular designs and styles include stone, wood and ceramic tile. Not only do people choose these materials because of the additional beauty they provide for homes and businesses, they also tend to be longer lasting and more durable than even commercial grade carpeting.

While they are certainly easier to clean, especially when dealing with spills, over time, the cumulative foot traffic begins to wear away the surface, creating pock marks where dirt and crime can build up. Conventional cleaning methods at this point are not as effective as the commercial tile cleaning services offered by All Flood Services will be.

All Hard Flooring is Porous

No matter what type of hard tile flooring you choose to use – ceramic, stone, even concrete – all of them are naturally porous. That is why when they are installed, most will be covered with a fine layer of protective sealant. This sealant wears away over time, exposing the natural element of the materials, which leads to further damage. Now instead of the dirt and grime tracked in by the people remaining on the surface and being able to clean easily with a vacuum or mop, it gets caked into the flooring.

Eventually it will begin to stain the tile, and it will also provide a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Most people only have the experience of cleaning their tile floors at home. These lightly trafficked areas respond adequately to regular vacuuming and sweeping and occasional mopping. However, commercial tile has hundreds of times the traffic on a daily basis, and it needs to be attended to in a much more attentive way.

Specially Designed Tools

Experts from All Flood Services have specially designed power washers and other tools that work to extract this caked in crime and remove the stains they may have caused. These tools combine environmentally safe cleaning agents with high pressure to scour away at the tiles without causing damage that could occur from using abrasive cleaners and brush heads. This process restores the tile to its original beauty.

Tile Sealant

We also recommend that when you are having your tile professionally cleaned, you have a tile sealant applied as well. By combining these two services, it will help to extend the life of your tile flooring by several years, delaying the expensive prospect of having to replace the entire flooring. Many of our clients have managed to maintain their current flooring for almost twice as long as they expected to, saving them thousands of dollars in the long run.

You chose to go with tile flooring because of how beautiful it looked and how easy it is to clean.

At All Flood Services, we can help to keep that floor tile looking as good as new for years to come. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation on what services will work best for you.

All Flood Services: Hard Surface Cleaning

There are many advantages to having hard surfaces, such as wood, stone, tile or concrete, as opposed to having carpeting installed.

    The two most commonly cited reasons are
  • durability
  • and ease of cleaning.

Both of these are true but neither of them are permanent, especially when it is a commercial location.

The constant foot traffic, the wheeling of hand trucks and delivery carts, the abuse of spills and the effects of weather all eventually work to wear down the surface and allow dirt and stains to take hold.

Preserve Beauty and Longevity

Protecting your hard surface with a sealant is certainly an important step to preserving its beauty and longevity, but to truly make it last a long time and always look good, you need to have our professionals at All Flood Services perform regularly scheduled hard surface cleaning.

Imperfections Allow Dirt and Grime to Get a Foot Hold

Regardless of what material your hard surface is made out of, sooner or later it will start to chip, crack and develop pot marks. These imperfections, slight as they may be, allow for dirt and grime to get a foot hold. During the course of daily normal use, these materials will get ground in to the surface, making it impossible for a regular vacuum or even a mop to fully work it free.

The Perfect Opportunity

Not only will this impair the beauty of the flooring, it also creates the perfect opportunity for bacteria and allergens to breed, potentially compromising the health of everyone who enters that area.

The Most Common Allergens

One of the most common allergens is mold, and as moisture settles into these chips and pot marks, mold spores could settle in and begin to grow. That is why it is important to augment regularly scheduled housekeeping services with the advanced cleaning techniques offered at All Flood Services.

Best Service

Our technicians use the latest equipment and the most powerful non-toxic cleaning agents to work into the tile, stone or other hard surface materials that make up your flooring, remove the health risks, create a safe environment and restore your flooring to its original glory.

Once the cleaning process is complete, including powerful drying to make sure all the moisture is eliminated, many of our clients also opt for a clear coat sealant. This will help to offer an extra layer of protection by filling in the small imperfections, making it easier to keep clean and helping to extend the life of your flooring even more.

Hard surface flooring will indeed last much longer than carpeting or area rugs and look good doing it, but it cannot do it on its own.

Protect Your Investment

To protect your investment and get the longest life out of your flooring that you can, contact us at All Flood Services to arrange for a commercial hard surface cleaning today.