Wall to wall carpets were all the rage for quite a while, but today, many people are discovering the benefits of having hard surface flooring. It is easier to clean, is more efficient when it comes to heating and cooling, and best of all, it gives them the option of decorating their home or business with designer area rugs.

Area Rugs Are Not Constructed the Same

The one part of that equation many people do not understand, however, is that area rugs are not constructed the same way as carpeting is. Especially if you have a commercial enterprise and you have switched from carpeting to area rugs, the durability built into these rugs will be far less than you are used to.

Treat Your Rugs With Respect

That does not mean you should get rid of the rugs and go back to the old style carpet. What it means is that you need to treat these rugs with a little more respect. That is where All Flood Services comes into play.

Our trained staff of technicians works with the latest equipment to provide top notch cleaning services on all sorts of surfaces for our clients and we have the ability to take care of your area rugs as well.

Area Rugs Are Far More Delicate

Many commercial carpet and floor cleaning companies will treat area rugs the same as they do carpeting, employing caustic solvents and high pressure machines to agitate the fibers and loosen the dirt. Area rugs tend to be far more delicate. Even the ones that are machine loomed and not handmade use questionable dyes and woven constructions.

Attempting to clean these with store rental carpet cleaners or other do it yourself techniques may cause irreversible damage, as can professionals without adequate training and experience.

Our Staff if Fully Trained

We train our staff to recognize the different fabrics and dyes used in the construction of each rug so they know the best way to clean it thoroughly without causing any damage. Many area rugs tend to have sharp designs and vibrant colors, both of which get diminished over time by repeated use and improper cleaning.

The advantage to area rugs is that if our technicians come across a rug they are not 100% familiar with, they can take the rug back to our workshop and laboratory where we can test it to find out the best way to clean it.

Protect Your Investment

Area rugs represent a substantial investment and also make a statement about a person’s home or place of business. It is sad to see how many people let the rugs fall into dingy disrepair because they do not know how to properly take care of them.

Let All Flood Services protect your investment and keep your rugs looking like new for years to come.