Odor Removal

It is not just enough to run a wet rag over a spill or vacuum up after a party, not when you walk back in the room and can still smell the odor.

Air fresheners and most carpet cleaners are only going to mask the smell, and until the floors, carpets, furniture and drapes are professionally treated, the odor will always remain.

Strongest Sense

With the sense of smell being the strongest of the five senses, it is an important aspect of keeping a clean home or business to make sure any odors are removed permanently.

All Flood Services is used to dealing with odors of all kinds.

    Regardless of what caused the odor –
  • smoke or water damage
  • pet urine
  • or other spills

the one commonality they all have is a chemical bonding with the fibers.

By understanding this and identifying the source of the odor, we can use the right equipment and solvents that will remove the odor permanently, while at the same time being safe for humans and pets and not causing any damage to the carpet or other surface.

Most household cleaning supplies and equipment are not designed to remove odors.

At All Flood Services, we have the tools that were created specifically for that job.