Leather Cleaning

There are no two ways about it. The best way to ruin your leather jacket, purse, belt or other product is to spill something sticky on it, drop it in a pile of mud and let it get stuck in a rainstorm. It is too hard to try and clean it yourself.

Safe Cleaning of Leather

Leather is not a synthetic material. It is a natural substance and can very easily react negatively to many of the so-called “safe” cleaning agents available on the market. Just because it looks like your carelessness may have caused serious damage, there is no need to complete the ruination by cleaning it yourself.

Not when All Flood Services is available to do the job.

We began as a company that, as our name suggests, was developed to help people out after sustaining serious water damage.

The more we learned, the more we realized there were several other areas where we could help people save items that had been damaged or dirtied and previously would have been ruined for good.

The Latest Techniques

Soon we grew from an emergency only company to one focused on the comprehensive needs of the home and business owners. Our technicians have studied the latest cleaning and restoration techniques for a variety of materials, and that is why today we are one of the industry leaders when it comes to handling damaged leather products.

Do-It-Yourself Cleaning Can be Harmful

Leather is not like a synthetic material where it all reacts the same. There are several types of leathers and finishes. Because of that, each piece needs to be treated as an individual with a cleaning solution that will work best for it.

One-type-cleans-all, do-it-yourself cleaning solutions can be so harmful to leather products that our certified technicians are trained to recognize damage caused by them as well.

This allows them to treat all problems and care for all types of leather. They are able to respond with custom cleaning techniques and procedures that minimize problems and return your treasured leather to its original beautiful state.

People’s leather possessions are something they are typically proud of, and when they are damaged, they are faced with the prospect of trying to clean it themselves and potentially ruining it, or deciding it is beyond help and getting rid of it altogether.

All Flood Services offers a third alternative, one where our experts can save your leather and make it seem like it was never anything other than perfect.

    As our company grew, we learned more about cleaning up what that flood water could leave behind –
  • mold and mildew
  • natural and synthetic oils
  • dirt
  • grime
  • other pollutants