Agents and Adjusters for Flood Insurance in Palm Beach FL

All Flood Services: Agents and Adjustors

All Flood Services maintains an extensive list of private clients, homeowners and business owners who trust us for various cleaning and restoration needs. However, we are also a trusted source for many insurance agents and adjustors in the region. They know to contact us whenever an emergency strikes because of our training and years of experience.

On Call 24/7

Our rapid response team is on call 24/7. In the event of an approaching weather emergency, we prepare ourselves ahead of time so that as soon as it clears, we can be ready to respond.

We know that making it on the scene quickly is important for both the insurance company and the clients. One of the most crippling parts of dealing with a disaster is the sense of feeling alone, which is why we focus on getting our professional crew on-site as quickly as possible.

Immediate Response

Our staff responds immediately as a cohesive unit. We are easily identifiable through our uniforms and we are trained to work together rapidly and effectively. By immediately jumping into action and working to take care of your client’s needs, it creates a calming atmosphere and lets them know that everything is going to be okay.

Not only does this rapid response alleviate the emotional stress, it also helps reduce the costs that can quickly incur because of a delay.

Many general contractors and other home repair services advertise as cleaning and restoration experts. However, since this represents only a small percentage of the work they do, they very rarely are trained in the latest techniques or have access to the newest equipment. They typically will also have to take time in order to assemble a team.

This means they may not get required people on the scene for two or three days.

Our Staff is Certified

In comparison, our staff is all IICRC Certified.

We are constantly training on the newest advances so that when we are called upon, we can deliver the expertise and service that has made us an industry leader. As soon as we arrive on the location, we immediately work at securing the building to prevent any further damage and perform a thorough inspection, both inside and out, so we can offer a thorough assessment of what needs to be done for a complete restoration. Once this plan is detailed, we can begin working right away.

We know that in these situations your clients will be reaching out to you when they have questions or are looking for explanations. That is why we also offer continuing education classes on many of the situations that we deal with. The following is just a partial list of the classes we have offered over the years.

  • Rapid structural drying (RSD)
  • Mold testing and remediation
  • Fire, smoke and water damage restoration
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Business Continuity and Emergency Response

Some of these classes are helpful for dealing with disaster situations while others are useful tools when talking to prospective clients about how they can count on you during future emergencies

Your Trusted Source

We have become the trusted source for individuals and businesses alike in our region because of our professionalism, our extensive knowledge, and our ability to deliver what we promise when we promise to. Whether it is getting them back into their home or re-opening the doors of their damaged business, we act fast to meet the needs of you and your client.